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May 05
What's wrong with Intel?
и особенно - здесь:

Новости науки.
По сообщениям из заслуживающих доверия источников, система синтеза русской речи, разрабатываемая компанией Ectaco, имеет кроме прочих достоинств систему анализа истинного смысла русских слов. Так, например, выяснено, что слово "председатель" образовано от слова "еда" - заключение, в истинности которого невозможно усомниться.

May 06
Юрьев день.
"Вот тебе, бабушка, и Нуно Гомеш ! как мы говорили по этому поводу.

до дня рождения осталось меньше месяца
... и я уже однажды ввел "26" в графе возраст

May 12
Тема дня
Google is interviewing candidates for engineering positions at our lunar hosting and research center....

May 14
/. rules
Personally, I'd like a little Pu-238 to power my laptop with. I figure that about 600 grams would power my laptop nonstop for ~40 years.
I can see the marketing slogan now.

"The battery that kills you long before it runs out"

что вы говорили про Альпы за окошком ?
Software Engineer

We need world-class engineers to develop the next generation search engine. Our engineering team is working on problems in a number of areas, including cutting-edge information retrieval algorithms, scalability issues related to dealing with huge amounts of data and a rapidly increasing user base, and a variety of novel search features. If you have a need to bring order to a chaotic web, contact us.

University Degree in Computer Science or a closely related field (Ph.D. a plus).
Strong C/C++ programming skills.
Substantial knowledge of UNIX/Linux or Windows environments.
Extensive experience designing and programming large scale, distributed systems, machine learning, information retrieval algorithms, network programming, linux kernel and/or developing large software systems.
Several years of software development experience.
Enthusiasm for solving interesting problems.
Fluency in English.

For consideration please send a text (ASCII) or HTML version of your resume to Important: The subject field of your email must include Software Engineer - Zurich. Please include a list of all your Computer Science coursework along with grades received for both Undergraduate and Graduate courses.