Wednesday, April 30

Футбольное. Админ RAWK закрывает тему "we are great"

For every passionate night at Anfield there's 2 or 3 dire daytime league displays where half the crowd can't be arsed getting behind the team.

For every passionate Red giving up their free time to further the causes of HJC, SOS, RTK, Michael Shields, Ray Kennedy, Bob Paisley etc. there's a dozen more concerned about getting out of the ground in time for Doctor Who.

For every banner making red, devoting their weekends to preparing a knock out banner there's a dozen reds whose sole contribution to a match atmosphere is telling Riise to fuck off and shouting 'you're not singing' at opposition fans who have outsang them for the entire point up to a Liverpool goal.

Now bearing all that in mind some of the self congratulatory, 'best fans in the world' bollocks doesn't just get up the noses of our rivals, it turns many Reds cold as well.

It's not all bad because the first set of supporters in the examples above are truly brilliant and their efforts go a long way to ensuring we can hold our heads up high. But if we don't remember the second, larger set, if we buy into the 'we're all soo brilliant' nonsense peddled by some then we'll be living in fantasy land. In which case I'd rather be in a threesome with Jessica Alba and Monica Belluci than moderating this board. So although I understand and appreciate the thought behind the topic I'm going to lock it all the same.

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Thursday, April 3

Рафа зажигает

What do you make of the understanding between Fernando Torres and Steven Gerrard which could be so important in this game?

On the pitch it's easy because both players are clever. Off the pitch it's more difficult because Torres needs to understand the scouse accent of Gerrard!